Our Products

SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is a high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric product exhibiting the same overall strength and qualities as the SPEEDLINER EURO HS® but with the advantage of an exclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial additive pre-measured and installed into the component B activator of the SPEEDLINER EURO HC® product.

With the inclusion of Ultra-Fresh anti-bacterial, anti-microbial additive into the exclusive and unique SPEEDLINER EURO HC® polymer spray liner the final application provides long life active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection. It also resists deterioration, discolouration and degradation, odours and spoilage that could occur through the action of bacterial and fungal organisms.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® is a high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric product specifically designed for high build applications. It also possesses other properties such as high tensile strength, good elongation and adhesion. As an aliphatic-hybrid urethane-urea, SPEEDLINER EURO HS® has significantly better UV stability, hydrolytic stability and resistance to many chemicals than aromatic urethanes commonly known as ‘fast dry-fast cure’ spray liners.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® is incomparable to any readily available DIY products.

When fully cured, SPEEDLINER EURO HS® forms an extremely tough, abrasive resistant polymer coating especially well suited for applications requiring protection from impact, abrasion or corrosion on metal, wood or fibreglass (GRP) surfaces. SPEEDLINER EURO HS® texture surfaces provide an excellent grip surface in a dry environment and with aggregate additives such as aluminium oxide grit or rubber crumb gives good anti-slip properties on a variety of surfaces in a wet environment.

PP100 is a one-coat, low solvent-based, reactive adhesive for priming and bonding a variety of plastic substrates, especially polyolefin plastic. These substrates include polyethylene, polypropylene and some thermoplastics (e.g. polyester & carbon fibre). PP100 is a new product and incorporates the latest technology to provide durable bonds in tough environments.

PP100 withstands continuous service conditions of water immersion, mild acids and bases and has a wide range of applications by functioning as a primer to a variety of substrates and as a bonding agent for many thermosetting resins.

PP100 is easily applied by spray, brush or roller and dries rapidly at nominal room temperature to form a flexible coating in preparation to receive the application of our range of polymer spray liner products.

SPEEDLINER EURO HC®, SPEEDLINER EURO HS® and PP100 are registered trademarks of C.D. Nash.

Ultra-Fresh is a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates Inc.